In 1986 Harold Gregg, had an idea to establish an inventory of various models of precast tank foundations. He was buying, selling and moving bulk propane tanks and would not accept the inefficiencies associated with forming the piers in place. He tried to move and reuse the old piers with the tanks but very seldom did it seem feasible. Over the past 25 years Tank Foundations Inc. has shipped over 2300 sets of concrete piers. You can see our piers in almost any state in the continental United States and the Bahamas.
 In 2005 he set up a second inventory in Chandler Ok. The need was there and it wasn't long before piers were being shipped all over Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Colorado..........Everyone likes saving on freight. 
 After working for the biggest part of 70 years Mr. Gregg has decided to work towards retiring. I will be assuming responsibility of managing Tank Foundations and look forward to meeting each of you at some point in time. Having served my time in retail propane sales I am very familiar with managing a business and understand that serving the customer is paramount. 
The thing I am most excited about is the possibility of establishing additional inventories of piers in various locations around the country. With the cost of fuel being as it is the freight charges prove to be more and more inhibitive. We hope to add another location in the spring/summer of 2012. Stay tuned
 Mr. Gregg and I want to thank our customers for their past patronage and I look forward to serving you in the future. I realize I have some big shoes to fill but I have at least one thing going my way from the start. The advantage I have, I was born with. I am proud to say Mr. Gregg is my father, my Papa.
 I will continue to improve our website and hope you find it helpful.  

                   Thank you,
                    James Gregg
                    President, Tank Foundations Inc.

On right: Aerial photo of our Stanton Al. production facility taken in 2006. Our inventory in Stanton is maintained with 200-250 peices and consists of piers for 60" diameter tanks up to 132" diameter tanks.